Press release – 20.03.2024

Odznaczenia Strebrnym Krzyzem Zasług Ewy Piotrowskiej przez Wojewodę Mazowieckiego. Na zdjęciu meżczyzna przypina srebrny krzyż kobiecie. Po prewej stronie stoi męzczyna trzymając w ręku legitymację oraz pudełko na krzyż. na tle flagi Polski i Unii Europejskiej

We are delighted to announce that the President of the Republic of Poland has awarded Ms Ewa Piotrowska, Director of the Baj Theatre in Warsaw, with a state decoration – the Silver Cross of Merit.
Today, the decoration for artistic activity was presented on behalf of the President by the Governor of Mazovia, Mr Mariusz Frankowski. This special moment took place on the eve of the celebration of World Puppetry Day, which symbolically falls on 21 March, established by the UNIMA International Association of Puppeteers.

We must also not overlook the fact that the conferring of this honour comes at a special time for the Baj Theatre, as this year is the season in which the Theatre celebrates its 95th anniversary.
We are proud and happy to be part of this extraordinary institution.

We are extremely proud to have the privilege of working in a Theatre run by Ms. Piotrowska, a person appreciated in many fields. Her commitment, talent and dedication to the art of puppetry are an inspiration to us all.

In addition to her role as Director and Head of the Baj Theatre, Ms Ewa Piotrowska is also President of the Polish Puppetry Centre POLUNIMA, which further emphasises her importance and influence in the world of puppet theatre.

The Silver Cross of Merit, a Polish civilian state decoration, is a symbol of recognition for services to the State or citizens. Awarding it to Ms. Ewa Piotrowska is proof that her work and contributions in the field of culture are appreciated not only by institutions but also by the community.

On behalf of the Baj Theatre and all the staff and supporters of the institution, we would like to congratulate Ms Ewa Piotrowska on this honour and thank her for her continued commitment and contribution to the development of Polish puppet theatre.

With best regards,
The Baj Theatre Team