Puppets Gallery

Puppets Gallery collects about two hundred exhibits by outstanding theater designers: Zofia Czechlewska-Ossowska, Tarlan Gorczijewa, Adam Kilian, Urszula Kubicz-Fik, Wiesław Jurkowski, Jerzy Kolecki, Jerzy Michalak, Marian Stańczak and Wacław Ujejski. The presented works are made in various art styles and puppet techniques. All exhibits come from archival performances of Baj Theatre.

The guided tour with the curator of the Puppet Gallery, Łukasz Kuczyński, takes place after selected performances in groups not larger than the school class.

Individual viewers are invited on selected Saturdays.

For tours we invite viewers form 5 years old. Tickets: 10 zł

Tours for groups:

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I know what theatre is

The educational program “I know what theatre is” is addressed to children from the age of five. During thematic meetings, participants not only gain basic knowledge about the theater, but also have the opportunity to “touch the theater” and get to know it through action.

The program is intended for organized groups – mainly from educational institutions and is implemented in the form of meetings or workshops.

We also organise accessible workshops, during which all activities are adapted to our guests’ special needs. Such workshops are available for children with mental disabilities, autism spectrum, visual or hearing impairment, and many more.

I know what theatre is


„Zabajowisko” workshops for children and their parents or guardians. Its aim is to discover theater as an area of ​​creative and developmental fun and to inspire theater play at home.

During the workshops, we want to show how, through theater, you can help a child discover the world, build relationships, teach, gain new skills, develop imagination, and have fun at the same time.

As at the moment we cannot invite you to “Zabajowisko” to the Theater, we have prepared something special. ‘Theatre out of anything’ is a series of 22 short educational videos with tips on how to play a game of theatre at home. It’s a continuation of our workshops for children and parents called ‘Zabajowisko’.

Theatre out of anything


After the show, groups have the possibility to take part in a workshop. Workshops are organised on guardians’ request. They are the perfect opportunity for our young spectators to deepen their understanding of the issues raised in the show and to confront them with their individual experiences through diverse activities and discussion. Workshops are organised for groups no bigger than one class.