Good-BAJ, barriers!

Accessibility of shows

Our ‘Good-BAJ, barriers’ accessibility programme came into being in 2012. Making art accessible for those with disabilities is one of the core activities of our theatre and has become an inherent part of our shows. It is highly appreciated by our spectators with various dysfunctions, such as visual or hearing impairment, mental disability, or autism spectrum, some of whom are now regulars. They can feel safe in our theatre, and therefore, they are able to enjoy everything that the art of theatre has to offer. Watching our shows and participating in workshops allow them to grow and develop on a par with the other spectators. Baj Theatre is accessible for everyone. Spectators with visual impairment are invited to use the audio description feature. For those with hearing impairments, Polish sign language interpreting is available. Spectators with mental disability can choose from a variety of shows on offer, keeping in mind their own needs and possibilities. We are of assistance to our spectators on the autism spectrum; we help them to choose the most appropriate show, to explore the theatre building, and to understand the rules typical of a theatre, especially during their first visit. Moreover, we organise workshops suited for the special needs of people with disabilities.

Accessibility coordinator at Baj Theatre:

Marlena Alka 22 818 08 21

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