After the show, groups have the possibility to take part in a workshop. Workshops are organised on guardians’ request. They are the perfect opportunity for our young spectators to deepen their understanding of the issues raised in the show and to confront them with their individual experiences through diverse activities and discussion. Workshops are organised for groups no bigger than one class.

‘The Diary of Plastuś, the Plasticine Boy’ Workshop for Kindergartens ‘Inside the Diary of Plastuś’

The workshop consists of fun and games linked to the show. The children will discover some school supplies from the 1930s, when Tosia was at school, and learn several songs from the show. They’ll also make their own Plastuś from plasticine, which will then live some new adventures in their own pencil cases.
Duration: 45 mins

‘The Diary of Plastuś, the Plasticine Boy’ Workshop for Grades 0–3rd ‘The World in between The Pages of the Diary of Plastuś’

The participants of the workshop will try to find out if they have experienced the same situations as Tosia, Plastuś and their friends. This will be achieved through fun, games and various theatrical activities. With the story of Plastuś in mind, the children will prepare mini-plays and search for the best solutions to difficult problems. The aim of the workshop is to develop children’s imagination, creativity and ability to work as a team.
Duration: 60 mins

‘The Goose, Death and the Tulip’ Workshop

‘The Goose, Death and the Tulip’ is a truly special show, its main theme often too difficult for parents to discuss with their children. This is why we decided to organise a workshop linked to the show. The workshop revolves around emotions, coping with loss and different perspectives people might have on the same situation. The activities prepared by psychologist Justyna Święcicka help the participants to take a closer look at their emotions and feelings during the show, and to confront the story with their own experiences. At the same time, children can practise careful listening and see for themselves how much a story can change depending on the person telling it and their attitude towards it.
Duration: 60 mins

‘If You Don’t Say It, Who Will Know?’ Workshop

What’s inside Irena and Jurek’s chest? What memories does it contain? Is every story easy to tell? We’ll try to follow the journey of the main characters and find the key to the deepest recesses of their memory.
The workshop, prepared by theatre educator Sebastian Świąder, is an opportunity to take a closer look at the story of ‘If You Don’t Say It, Who Will Know?’, putting it in a new context and broadening the spectators’ experience. Learning by doing and taking the perspective of the characters of the show help not only to understand the story better, but also to answer some important questions, such as: how would I feel if I were forced to leave my home? Who and what is important to me and why?
Duration: 120 mins

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