Tour of the Puppet Gallery

Tour of the Puppet Gallery

Age category: Od years
Release date: 18 stycznia 2024
Duration 30 minutes

Description of the performance

During this year’s of Winter Holiday with Theatre BAJ 2024, the premiere of a new exhibition entitled “Fairytale Heroes of the Orient”

The Puppet Gallery at the Theatre Baj is an intimate space where the protagonists of our past performances – retired theatre puppets, old props, and sometimes costumes or set pieces – play the main role. In it, we save our greatest works of art, our best memories, from oblivion. As we often hear from older audiences now bringing their children or grandchildren to the Baja – these are also their memories, their return to their childhood years.

We have so many dolls, puppets, and marionettes in our collections that we have to take care to change the exposure regularly
in the Gallery – in such a way that all of them have had their five minutes, all of them can be admired, as they deserve to be, all of them have won their next young fans. With each new exhibition, we also have a sense of a small premiere. We are all the more pleased to invite you to a new exhibition opening, this time during the Winter Holidays with Baj Theatre.

“Fairytale Heroes of the Orient” features around 200 exhibits from plays stylistically
and substantially related to the Orient or alluding to it through the creative inspiration of the set designers.

The exhibition includes works by the following artists:

Joanny Braun, Tarłana Gorczijewa Adama Kiliana, Urszuli Kubicz -Fik, Mariana Stańczaka, Wacława Ujejskiego, Romana Ukleji, Tomáša Volkmera.

The exhibition is characterized by an unusual atmosphere drawing from oriental art.
The Gallery is filled with an exotic atmosphere of fairy-tale, mystery, and color associated, for example, with the Arabian Nights Fairy Tales, told by the beautiful Scheherazade.

We present, among others, puppets and props from the following performances:

Aladdin’s Miraculous Lamp, The Fairy Tale of the Beautiful Parisade, The Girl from the Land of Chrysanthemum,
Szu-hin, a girl from the rice fields, Basat from the land of fire, Staś and Nell, Harlequin, or the servant of three masters or The Wizard of Oz.

All the exhibits are from plays that premiered in the Baj Theatre’s last 70 years. The presented works are made in various art styles and puppet techniques. All exhibits come from Baja’s archive performances.

The guided tour with the curator of the Puppet Gallery, Łukasz Kuczyński, takes place after selected performances in groups not larger than the school class.

Individual viewers are invited on selected Saturdays. Tickets: 10 zł

For tours, we invite viewers form 5 years old.


  • curator of the Gallery

    Łukasz Kuczyński


  • Puppets and props from the Baj Theatre's archive performances

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