Photo from the play The Little Book. In the photo, the smiling actress, dressed in white, holds a paper ship in her outstretched hands.

The Little Book

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The Little Book

Age category: Od 0 do 3 years
Release date: 16 kwietnia 2016
Duration 30 minutes + 15 minutes of fun and games

Description of the performance

When is the best time to start an adventure with a book? Preferably from the very beginning, right from the start. Take a look at our extraordinary book – full of colours, shapes, and sounds. It is well known that a book can wonderfully help children discover the world. And if it’s still an extraordinary theatrical book, it simply grabs the ears.

Although the youngest cannot read, they perceive the world with all their senses and learn more than they ever will in the future. Our booklet has no letters but contains extraordinary images. It hides a lot of secrets on its pages, interesting things to discover, tells little ones about the world, and wants to show them how fascinating it is.

We guide the perception and the imagination of our small spectators step by step: from geometrical figures and contrasting colours to multicolour and interestingly shaped forms that introduce them to the world of nature. The authors, fascinated by origami and kirigami, have built a world of the Little Book that can come to life, like everything else in a puppet theatre.

After the performance, the actors invite children and parents to play with paper together. They encourage you to create your own little world books, using origami, kirigami and, above all, your imagination.


  • director and scenographer:

    Elżbieta Bieda, Marek Zimakiewicz

  • music:

    Kamil Zawiślak

  • creativity psychoeducators consultation:

    Dominika i Karolina Orłowskie


  • Elżbieta Bieda
  • Marek Zimakiewicz / Oskar Lasota

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