Młoda dziewczyna wspina się z trudem po wielkiej górskiej skale. Nad nią rozpościera się wieczorne ciemne niebo. Kadr pochodzi ze spektaklu

The Fiddler Girl

The Fiddler Girl

Age category: Od 10 years
Release date: 23 kwietnia 2023

Description of the performance

“Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to play the violin. She also possessed a rare skill – when she covered her eyes with her hand, she could visualize all that she was dreaming about (…)”..

The girl who loved to play the violin embarks on a search for her father. The road she travels leads her through the sea, cliffs and forests – nature is her obstacle, her path and her mirror, all in one. The girl’s emotions are reflected in the sound of the waves and the sparkle of the northern lights, as they fly by with the wind. The music, which she has so completely trusted, guides her safely towards her father, who patiently waits for help.

In this dreamy, atmospheric and very visually and musically rich play the main point of focus is the journey. We move through the indescribable beauty of nature and a roller coaster of emotions and sensations as we follow our guide, the Fiddler Girl, who on the way introduces us to her vocabulary of emotions.

Ewa Piotrowska reaches for the work of Norway’s most celebrated contemporary playwright – Jon Fosse. Known for his writing for adults, which has achieved success on European stages, the Polish adaptation will be one of the first directed towards a young audience.

Fosse treats the child on par with his adult characters, with great respect and without excess embellishment. The Scandinavian approach to creativity for children is based on a faith in the maturity and intelligence of the young person. Creators of “The Fiddler Girl” follow this model and prepare a play for an audience that, though age-wise still called children, desires greater reflection and an immersion in life experiences and art. Reflections, or afterthoughts, are the essence of this play, becoming keywords that uncover clues and allow for the experience of new emotions in the theater.

The show has been created as part of the “Child – Adult – a lexicon of sensitivity” project funded by the European Economy Finance Scheme (MF EOG) for 2014-2021.

A partner of this production is the Norwegian theater, Det Norske Teatret.

The author of the above production is represented by Colombine Teaterförlag under the address of the ADiT Drama and Theater Agency.


  • Author

    Jon Fosse

  • Direction

    Ewa Piotrowska

  • Dramaturgy

    Ingrid Weme Nilsen

  • Scenography

    Edyta Rzewuska

  • Music

    Karoline Rising Næss

  • Translation

    Monika Grossman-Kliber


  • Adriana Paprocka

  • Andrzej Bocian

  • Oskar Lasota

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