Age category: Od 0 do 3 years
Release date: 23 marca 2012
Duration 30 minutes + 15 minutes of fun and games

Description of the performance

Lie down, make yourselves comfortable, and see what’s about to happen. Together, we’re going to enter the soft and cosy world of the big duvet with its countless secrets and mysteries. It’s a place where everyone feels safe and relaxed. Let’s find out what the magical moment just before falling asleep can bring. ‘Sleep’ is a story about how the seemingly uninteresting activity of going to sleep can be both inspirational and surprising. In this play, ordinary activities are depicted in an extraordinary way, allowing spectators to see and explore the world with the inquisitiveness and curiosity typical of a newborn baby.

“Sleep” was created with the youngest theatre-goers in mind, i.e. children from a few months to three years old. Especially for them, we have created a safe, cozy, and comfortable space where they can feel completely at ease, to be not just spectators but guests. One of the main aims of the show is to stimulate and develop children’s imagination and creativity. “Sleep” is a performance that is open to the audience’s interaction and spontaneity, in which the artists want to creatively process rather than limit the children’s expression. The great openness of the actors to the audience’s reactions, the music played live on acoustic instruments, the soft lighting, and the cozy “cushy” atmosphere will make audiences of all ages feel welcome. The show has an open-ended structure and may in fact never end; especially if parents want to continue the games proposed during the performance with their children at home.

A few words to the “najnaj” caregivers,
or what to know when coming to the show:
– The performance takes place in an intimate, cosy space – in a tent set up on the Small Stage,
– The specifics of the performance do not allow you to enter the marquee after it has started, please arrive on time (late spectators will not be allowed to enter the auditorium or receive a refund for their tickets),
– shoes must be removed before entering the tent where the performance takes place (you can bring your slippers)
– we ask that no food or drink is consumed during the performance,
– please do not take photos during the performance.


  • director and scenographer:

    Alicja Morawska-Rubczak

  • music:

    Wojciech Morawski

  • creativity psycho-educators consultation:

    Dominika Orłowska, Karolina Taranko


  • Elżbieta Bieda/Marta Gryko-Sokołowska
  • Andrzej Bocian
  • Robert Kowalczyk/Wojciech Morawski

    – performing live music


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