Where’s the Baby? There’s the Baby!

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Where’s the Baby? There’s the Baby!

Age category: Od 0 do 3 lat
Release date: 18 maja 2013
Czas trwania 30 minutes + 15 minutes of fun and games

Opis spektaklu

‘Where’s the baby? There’s the baby!’ are the words from a children’s game that we all know very well. When we’re playing it with our child, we disappear for a little while, and then, out of the blue, we reappear by their side. Repeating the same action is not boring, because every time we, the adults, are the reason for our kids’ excitement, and we witness the delight painted on their faces. This simple game reminds us of who we used to be before we grew up, and it shows us that we are a real wonder for our children. Isn’t it a beautiful and binding experience? ‘Where’s the baby? There’s the baby!’ is a play for children and their parents in which the actors create a world full of different shapes, sounds and surprising events. Using simple cylindrical objects, they visit the world of early childhood, where everything is just as ordinary as it is extraordinary, and where the time is not always linear. It’s a story of an encounter of a child and an adult, of adulthood and childhood.

Show for the youngest of the youngest.


  • director, scenographer, composer:

    Andrzej Bocian

  • creativity psychoeducators consultation:

    Dominika Orłowska i Karolina Taranko


  • Marta Gryko-Sokołowska
  • Andrzej Bocian

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