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The School of Dreams aka The Academy of Mr Kleks

The School of Dreams aka The Academy of Mr Kleks

Age category: Od 7 years
Release date: 13 maja 2017
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes (includes intermission)

Description of the performance

Attention! Attention!
Ambroży Kleks, doctor of philosophy and medicine, master of fictitious matters and incomprehensible knowledge, famous sage, eccentric and traveler, disciple of the great doctor PajChiWo, announces recruitment to the famous Academy. All children from the age of 7 are welcome.

The perfect candidate should have: the head in the clouds, clumsy hands, an aversion to carrots and peas, studying issues, and a name (real or imaginary) starting with the letter ‘A’.

We are looking for naughtiness, urchins, rascals and knobheads. Welcome: weirdos, dreamers, and outliers.
We offer excellent teaching methods involving opening empty heads and filling them with oil. Our students’ memory is strengthened with raspberry juice and a tincture on freckles. Anyone wishing to pass on their knowledge to the next generation is welcome to join the Dream School or Mr KLEK’S ACADEMY!


  • author:

    Jan Brzechwa

  • adaptation and directing:

    Aneta Płuszka

  • scenography:

    Jacek Zagajewski

  • music:

    Robert Łuczak

  • stage movement:

    Jacek Owczarek

  • magic consultant:

    Jerzy Buczyński

  • assistant director:

    Robert Płuszka


  • Robert Płuszka:

    Ambrose Kleks

  • Piotr Michalski:

    Barber Filip

  • Dawid Mkrtchyan/Paweł Majchrowski (gościnnie):

    Adaś Niezgódka

  • Aleksandra Muszyńska/Michał Karczewski (gościnnie):

    Matthew Starling

  • Andrzej Bocian:

    Alojzy, Gnome, Reptile

  • Elżbieta Bielińska:

    Puss in Boots, Reks

  • Marta Gryko-Sokołowska:

    Snow White, Tango

  • Małgorzata Suzuki:

    Old Witch, Lord


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