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The Diary of Plastuś, the Plasticine Boy

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The Diary of Plastuś, the Plasticine Boy

Age category: Od 5 years
Release date: 6 grudnia 2014
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

Description of the performance

Who do you think knows ALMOST EVERYTHING about Plastuś? His diary, of course—they’re best friends after all. Plastuś told the diary about ALMOST ALL of his adventures. It is on the diary’s pages that he drew and described his pencil case world The Pages of the diary will introduce you to the residents of the pencil case. Not everyone knows it, but they’re a really colourful and diverse lot. You’re also going to meet Tosia, Zosia, Jacek, and even rascal Witek. The diary will tell you ALMOST EVERYTHING about Plastuś,
in the hope that you’ll be able to find its old friend. This is because, a long time ago, they parted ways – and nobody knows why.

What does Plastuś look like? He’s made of plasticine, with a big nose and bat ears, and he always wears his green shorts. Everyone says he’s cute. If you tell us where he is, you’ll get a reward: four colouring pages and a yellow ribbon.


  • author:

    Maria Kownacka

  • adaptation and directing:

    Lech Chojnacki

  • scenography:

    Dariusz Panas

  • music:

    Jarosław Kordaczuk

  • stage movement:

    Ewelina Ciszewska

  • assistant director:

    Elżbieta Bieda


  • Elżbieta Bieda
  • Elżbieta Bielińska
  • Andrzej Bocian
  • Marcin Marcinowicz
  • Piotr Michalski
  • Marek Zimakiewicz


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