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“The Climb”| concert for children

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“The Climb”| concert for children

Age category: Od 6 years
Release date: 26 czerwca 2022
Duration 1 hour

Description of the performance

You don’t always have to wander far to experience the pleasure and wisdom of travel. During this, but also any other, hike we will laugh a lot, enjoy ourselves and spend time with those we have affection for. However, it can also happen that we get wet in the rain, get scared by ants, or encounter some less pleasant adventure. However, there is no reason to turn back or be offended Every situation has to be lived through, tamed, liked, and come out strong as a lion with a song on your lips.

This special concert for children is based on warm, imaginative, and humorous songs and life truths written by the wonderful Danuta Wawiłow. The songs have a lot of joy and playfulness in them, but they also bring solace to children’s fears. Together with the singing and acting actors, we will experience ordinary everyday life, but from the unusual perspective of the youngest. We will meet, among others, Granny and the Poodle, Lady and the Piglet, Raven and the Frog, Mr. Peacock, the Black Lion, the Chicken Donkey, the Man with the Golden Umbrella, Night Mark and…. i… and a whole bunch of other unusual characters whose adventures will amuse and delight us.

Like you, we love Danuta Wawiłow’s poems and we’re not going to hide it! Instead, we will do everything in our creative power to make you love them even more and hum them at every possible opportunity. Find us during our “Climb” and join in!

“The Climb” was created as part of the Prague Theatre Carriage project. This task was made possible thanks to the financial support of the City of Warsaw as part of the Integrated Revitalisation Programme for the City of Warsaw. Warsaw by 2022.


  • author

    Danuta Wawiłow

  • director

    Ewa Piotrowska

  • music

    Wojciech Błażejczyk

  • scenography

    Martyna Štěpán-Dworakowska

  • stage movement

    Marta Bury

  • assistant director

    Andrzej Bocian


  • Elżbieta Bieda
  • Elżbieta Bielińska
  • Marta Gryko-Sokołowska
  • Andrzej Bocian
  • Piotr Michalski
  • Dawid Mkrtchyan (guest appearance )
  • Robert Kowalczyk


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