Age category: Od 3 years
Release date: 2 października 2021
Duration 55 min.

Description of the performance

Brothers August Tall and Benjamin Tall invite you into their kitchen – they will show you how to make the perfect spaghetti. Cooks will use a recipe found in the Good Old Spaghetti Book. “They got it from their uncle, who got it from his aunt, who got it from his dad, who got it from his mum, who got it from a neighbor who bought it in Italy.” So the protagonists have the perfect recipe, big pots, and mutual help, but… someone messed up in their kitchen and fell asleep at the very center of command. And then he kept distracting them and telling them about an encounter with a Chinese dragon, a crocodile, a zebra while singing, dancing, and playing instruments. Will the brothers manage to prepare spaghetti in such conditions?

The stage will be bustling, fun, dancing, and, of course, musical. Young audiences will not only have the opportunity to learn the secrets of cooking one of the most popular (and delicious!) dishes but also to listen to music played live by the actors and accompany all their pranks.

In a playful atmosphere, we also learn tolerance, acceptance of otherness, and respect for others.

The production is a collaboration between the Baj Theatre in Warsaw and Theatergruppe Batida in Copenhagen.


  • author

    Søren Ovesen

  • translation

    Bogusława Sochańska

  • director

    Søren Ovesen

  • assistant director

    Simon Holm

  • scenography

    Annika Nilsson

  • music

    Theatergruppe Batida i Nina Foss


  • Marta Gryko-Sokołowska


  • Andrzej Bocian

    Benjamin Tall

  • Piotr Michalski

    August Tall


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