The character of James Hook wears a black simmering coat and with one of his hands ends up with a hook. A tall man with long, curly hair.

Peter Pan and Wendy

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Peter Pan and Wendy

Age category: Od 7 years
Release date: 8 października 2022
Duration 65 min.

Description of the performance

Let’s leave everything behind and fly with the characters of Peter Pan and Wendy to Neverland, where adventures, new friendships, unknown emotions, first love (and probably some fairy or crocodile, but that’s a mystery for now) await. Wendy, John and Michael will understand a few things there. They will appreciate the importance of bedtime stories. They will experience true friendship. They will open each other up to their own experiences. They will discover the value of working together. And, willy-nilly, they will grow up.

Every child has a favourite toy, and every adult cuddles such a favourite toy in their memories. It is these often simple and, after all, less intellectual activities that teach us the most in the first periods of life. Through them, we gain further skills, learn about ourselves and our surroundings, build relationships with people, solve problems, distinguish between emotions, and learn to cope with them – we create our self. But play is also a space for enjoyment and the development of imagination – an imagination that we expand time and time again, using the inconspicuous spell ‘as if’. A spell that takes on even greater and luminous power in the theatre.

The performance features smoke and strobe lighting.


  • author

    James Matthew Barrie

  • translation

    Michał Rusinek

  • adaptation and directing

    Bartosz Kurowski

  • scenography

    Klaudia Laszczyk

  • music

    Łukasz Damrych

  • stage movement

    Szymon Michlewicz-Sowa

  • assistant director

    Robert Płuszka


  • Aleksandra Muszyńska


  • Adriana Paprocka


  • Aneta Płuszka

    Mrs. Darling

  • Małgorzata Suzuki

    Tinker Bell

  • Oskar Lasota


  • Marcin Marcinowicz

    Mr. Darling

  • Dawid Mkrtchyan

    Peter Pan

  • Robert Płuszka

    James Hook


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