Zdjęcie ze spektaklu Ile waży jabłko na Marsie?

How Much Does an Apple Weigh on Mars?

How Much Does an Apple Weigh on Mars?

Age category: Od 7 years
Release date: 18 września 2020
Duration 45 minutes

Description of the performance

Have you ever dreamed of flying to the Moon and catching a star from the sky? Or are you more interested in spaceship technology? Michael Quasar, the main character of the play, has always been fascinated by space, rockets and astronauts, but his biggest dream has always been to go to Mars.

Our young spectators are going to become students at an extraordinary school for future cosmonauts. They are going to study black holes, the history of space flights, and the rules of thermodynamics, and also learn to navigate in space using the stars for reference. They are going to find out that, if you want to travel into space, you need a great deal of imagination.

The premiere of the play, which is part of the project ‘Theatrical carriage in the courtyards of the Praga district’, has been adapted to the current COVID-19 requirements. It is going to be addressed to small audiences and performed in the areas of the Capital City of Warsaw that are being revitalised. If possible, the show will be performed at local primary schools for their youngest pupils.

The project ‘Theatrical carriage in the courtyards of the Praga district’ is carried out thanks to the financial assistance of the Capital City of Warsaw within the city’s Integrated Revitalisation Programme for the years 2014–2022.


  • screenwriter and director:

    Ireneusz Maciejewski

  • scenography and costume:

    Dariusz Panas

  • music:

    Łukasz Pospieszalski

  • stage movement:

    Renata Piotrowska-Auffret

  • scientific consultant:

    dr hab. Maciej Mikołajewski


  • Elżbieta Bieda / Marta Gryko-Sokołowska
  • Andrzej Bocian / Piotr Michalski
  • Marek Zimakiewicz / Marcin Marcinowicz


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