How Much Does an Apple Weigh on Mars?

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How Much Does an Apple Weigh on Mars?

Age category: Od 7 years
Release date: 18 września 2020
Duration 50 minutes

Description of the performance

Have you ever dreamed of flying to the Moon and catching a star from the sky? Or are you more interested in spaceship technology? Michael Quasar, the main character of the play, has always been fascinated by space, rockets and astronauts, but his biggest dream has always been to go to Mars.

The audience of our show will become students of an extraordinary school for future cosmonauts, where they will learn about the history of space flight, the principles of thermodynamics, what black holes are, and will learn how to navigate in space through knowledge of the geography of the stars. They will also find that a rich imagination is essential during space adventures.

The performance, as part of the ‘Praga Dorożka Teatralna na Podwórzach’ project, was realised with the financial support of the City of Warsaw as part of the Integrated Programme for the Revitalisation of the City of Warsaw. Warsaw by 2022.


  • screenwriter and director:

    Ireneusz Maciejewski

  • scenography and costume:

    Dariusz Panas

  • music:

    Łukasz Pospieszalski

  • stage movement:

    Renata Piotrowska-Auffret

  • scientific consultant:

    postdoctoral fellow Maciej Mikołajewski


  • Elżbieta Bieda / Marta Gryko-Sokołowska
  • Andrzej Bocian / Piotr Michalski
  • Marek Zimakiewicz / Marcin Marcinowicz


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