A photo from the play Jump! shows 4 actors in sportswear holding Olympic wheels. And their faces are in the center of these wheels. The men hold their hands on their palms and their facial expressions reveal that they are singing the anthem



Age category: Od 3 do 6 years
Release date: 25 lutego 2023
Duration 45 minutes

Description of the performance

That’s right, I’ll manage that jump over the gymnastic horse! I will manage to conquer the pinnacle of this sport and jump over this mischievous hurdle! Let’s all give it a try. Together, one by one. Didn’t make it? We’ll make it right away. Let’s just loosen up a bit, exercise, stretch, and get in better shape. And… we’ll go to the Olympics!

JUMP! is a story about the unstoppable need to move, to co-create, to play, and to release the layers of imagination. It transports the viewer into a world of plastic abstraction, using simple objects. The pure space in which the action takes place and the props used by the actors take on new meanings, open the viewer to unexpected associations and stimulate their imagination.

The performance is a journey into the world of sport – opening up to experience it with all the senses.

The performance is played on the Small Stage.


  • Screenplay and direction

    Tomasz Maśląkowski

  • Music

    Grzegorz Mazoń

  • Scenography

    Tomasz Maśląkowski

  • Lighting direction

    Lena Frankiewicz

  • Assistant Director

    Marcin Marcinowicz


  • Marta Gryko-Sokołowska
  • Aleksandra Muszyńska
  • Oskar Lasota
  • Marcin Marcinowicz


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