Zdjęcie ze spektaklu Radość. Ubrana na żółto aktorka, na tle żółtej ściany, spogląda na korpus wiolonczeli, do którego przymocowane jest od góry żółte koło ze szprychami.



Age category: Od 2 do 5 years
Release date: 16 marca 2019
Duration 30 minutes + 15 minutes of fun and games

Description of the performance

From 2 to 5 years old

In order to take our first step, we need to learn to keep our balance, to stand on our two feet. After that, we do it all the time, not only while using our body, but also while processing emotions, building a relationship with the world or creating our own cosmic space. The ability to process and let out various emotions, both pleasant and unpleasant, allows us to keep our life balance in check.

’Happiness!’ was inspired by playing with everyday objects, including the ones that children play with now and those that adults used to play with when they were younger. Together, we’re going to find out to what degree the activities related with these objects can help to organise our reality, foster our creativity, get our balance and process our feelings.

We would like to invite the audience, both children and their parents, to take a closer look at the process of dealing with anger, and, most importantly, getting your balance in life. Sometimes, one needs to do less in order to feel happiness.


  • director:

    Beata Bąblińska

  • dramaturgy:

    Joanna Żygowska

  • scenography:

    Sylwia Maciejewska

  • music:

    Józef Buchnajzer

  • assistant director:

    Marcin Marcinowicz


  • Malwina Kajetańczyk
  • Marcin Marcinowicz


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