Plakat do Muzeum skarbów. Mały chłopiec wspina się po krętych schodach, w które zamienia się obierana skórka pomarańczy. Pod skórką widać mocno świecące słońce. Na górze tytuł spektaklu - Muzeum skarbów.

A Museum of Treasues

A Museum of Treasues

Age category: Od 4 years
Release date: 23 października 2020

Description of the performance

‘A Museum of Treasues’ is a pre-recorded show which will first be screened one episode at a time, and then as a whole during the official premiere. The starting point for the plot was our fantastic collection of elements of scenography, featuring exhibits from over 90 years of the Theatre’s activity. These are real treasures designed by extraordinary scenographers.

The main character of the play is Little Andrew, a puppet that has just been born in the Theatre Workshop. As it usually happens with newborn puppets, he has to find his way in this unknown, magical and often astonishing fairy-tale world. It turns out, rather unexpectedly, that according to a prophecy Little Andrew is destined to protect the puppets and fairy tales from being forgotten by creating a Museum of Treasures. In order to achieve this goal, however, he needs to find the heart of the Museum. And that’s how the adventure begins…

The first episode of ‘The Museum of Treasures’ will be released at the beginning of September, and then the remaining episodes will be aired once a week. The release of the entire play is scheduled for the 23rd and the 24th of October.

Watch the entire play:

‘The Museum of Treasures’ by Aneta Wróbel – Subtitles available in Polish and English
Subtitles available in Polish and English – Audio description

Watch individual episodes

The puppets and the scenography featured in this show come from the following plays: ‘The Goose, Death and the Tulip’, ‘Inook and the Secret of the Sun’, ‘The Coffee Grinder’, ‘The Blue Puppy’, ‘The Story of the Charmed Duck’, ‘Three Oranges’

„Gęś, Śmierć i Tulipan” reż. i scen. Marcin Jarnuszkiewicz

„Inook i tajemnica Słońca” reż. Krzysztof Niesiołowski, scen. Adam Kilian

„Młynek do kawy” reż. Krzysztof Niesiołowski, scen. Zofia Czechlewska-Ossowska

„Niebieski piesek” reż. Krzysztof Niesiołowski, scen. Zbigniew Burkacki

„O zaklętym kaczorze” reż. Krzysztof Niesiołowski, scen. Zofia Czechlewska-Ossowska

„Trzy pomarańcze” reż. Krzysztof Niesiołowski, scen. Zofia Czechlewska-Ossowska


  • screenwriter and director:

    Aneta Wróbel

  • photography:

    Wojciech Suleżycki

  • scenographic concept:

    Łukasz Kuczyński

  • music:

    Marcin Albert Steczkowski

  • film editing:

    Jakub Motylewski PSM


  • Elżbieta Bielińska:

    Archivist, Goose, Jagna, Magic Ball

  • Andrzej Bocian:

    Goldsmith the Drake, Coffee Grinder, Driver, Jeff, Porter 1

  • Malwina Czekaj:

    Little Andrew

  • Hanna Kinder-Kiss:

    Blue Puppy, Weronka, Bear, Sun, Porter 2

  • Aneta Płuszka:

    Parrot, Spirit of the Wind

  • Robert Płuszka:

    Red Beard, Narrator, Inook’s Dad, Gale, Big Cat, Policeman

  • Małgorzata Suzuki:

    Warehouse Wizzy, Voivodess, Spirit of the Moon

‘The Museum of Treasures’ is financed by the National Centre of Culture as part of the project ‘Culture on the Internet’.

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