The Snow Queen

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The Snow Queen

Age category: Od 5 lat
Release date: 4 grudnia 2010
Czas trwania 1 hour 20 minutes

Opis spektaklu

It is one of the most beautiful fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen. It invites the audience to reflect on the essence of evil, which makes us look at things from the wrong perspective, paralysing and captivating us. The Snow Queen builds her kingdom based on the law of the devilish mirror that shows lies and distorts reality. But she has no power over love. And this is the key to defeat the evil. Little Gerda, thanks to love and perseverance, overcomes the dangers and reaches the Ice Palace. Her pure and warm emotion defrosts Kai’s heart, which was turned into ice, and saves him from the spell of the evil Queen.

A wonderful scenography and beautiful puppets create a fairy tale-like atmosphere. You won’t be able to resist its charm.


  • author:

    Hans Christian Andersen

  • adaptation:

    Kamil Žiška

  • translation:

    Justyna Wodzisławska

  • director:

    Kamil Žiška

  • scenography:

    Marieta Golomehova

  • music:

    Kamil Žiška


  • Marta Gryko-Sokołowska:


  • Hanna Kinder-Kiss:

    Grandmother, Lappish Woman, Roses

  • Aneta Płuszka:

    Snow Queen, Witch, Princess, Little Robber Girl, Sun

  • Piotr Michalski:

    Raven, Reindeer, Swallow

  • Marek Zimakiewicz:

    Kaj, Old Robber Girl, Crow, Lappish Girl

  • Marcin Marcinowicz:

    Prince, Pigeons, Lappish Girl, Swallow, Roses

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